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April Favorite


Hello Girls,

I know I know I have been vanished for quite sometime now, its just that I am trying to get couple of things sorted and as of now I am on a long vacation just trying to relax.

Also I really didnt have much makeup hauls, so had nothing much to review nor add to my favorite list. But today I do 🙂

I know many of my friends are really really lucky with nails but unfortunately I am not and have to really take care of it. When I was small no matter what I did/do to keep my nails healthy and strong nothing would work. Most say its diet or stress but trust me I had no stress and my mom took care of my diet which means I was good on my diet.

One day I was just speaking to a friend about how beautiful her nails are no matter what I do I cant grow them as they are soft and keeps peeling once they reach a certain length which means I never had long nails. But from the last 4 – 5 years I can say I have long nails and also they do not peel. She introduced me to a miracle product ‘NAIL TEK II’ I am not sure how many of you must have heard about this product but trust me you need to get your hands on this magical potion and it will change how your nails look. (Though its an amazing product but you need to keep using it if your problem of soft peeling nails comes back). They do have many other nail treatment products for different nail issues.

Along with this I also notice that a proper way of filing them is also important so there’s not much stress on the nail bed – lately I was doing some research and realized that how important it is to keep the nails from not stressing while you file them and the answer to that is a Crystal or Glass nail Filer. It not only is the best but it also does not have excess fallout, keeps the nail surface smooth and also doesn’t splinter the nail like a wood or steel nail file would do.

I am so in love with these products. If you are looking for the ‘Nail Tek’ products in Dubai you can find it in any salons or online on As for the glass nail filer in Debenhams as I know OPI has them or again online.

If you have used these same products do let me know your thoughts.

Till next time – Take care Ladies 😉

Love NJ

nail fav

PS. Because my nails grow now I am crazy on NAIL ART “giggles”


DIY Matte Top Coat


Hello Sweeties

How many of us Loves DIY’s – I know I do and especially when the result is just WOW.

I was looking for a nice Matte Top coat from a very long time and when I went to the states I had found a cheaper option which is NYC Matte Top coat (found it in Target for $.99 on sale), but didnt really like the result of it as it was semi – matte or  velvety. So my search continued. I googled alot finding reviews and swatches of different brands Matte top coat and then I came across many articles on DIY your own Matte Top coat, at 1st when I read it I was like ok I dont think it will give the result I am looking for but lets give it a try.

As mentioned what needs to be done – I did the following

I took a normal top coat (best is less expensive if you want to have a trial) and mixed it with a little amount of cornstarch, yes you heard me right cornstarch  – HAHA (you can also try it with baking soda instead of cornstarch). After mixing about 1 and half tsp properly into the bottle its ready to use as a Matte Top Coat (Its best you empty 25% of the clear coat before adding the cornstarch so it doesn’t spills) . When I tried it on I was LIKE WOOOW AMAZING, It was just the perfect kind of result I was looking for and I had to share this with you all.

I am posting one picture with the DIY cornstarch matte top coat (My left hand)  and the other with my NYC matte top coat (My right hand) you will definitely see the difference (Oh and I tried to shape my nails in the Almond shape as its the most happening nail shape now days, but they are small the perfect shape wasn’t attained but once it grows I am sure it will look HOT)

Left Hand

Left Hand

Right hand

Right hand

How did you find this DIY let me know.

Till next time

❤ NJ

Simple French Manicure


For a start an easy manicure which will hardly take you 10 mins. 🙂

Things you will need

  1. Base coat (easily available in an cosmetic stores)
  2. White nail polish for the tips (or can be found in a set of 3)
  3. Pink/transparent  base.
  4. A golden or silver nail art pen (Can be bought from Daiso)
  5. A nail sticker (easily available at Lifestyle next to the makeup counters)
  6. last is the top coat

Items shown below (Image)

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