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April Favorite


Hello Girls,

I know I know I have been vanished for quite sometime now, its just that I am trying to get couple of things sorted and as of now I am on a long vacation just trying to relax.

Also I really didnt have much makeup hauls, so had nothing much to review nor add to my favorite list. But today I do 🙂

I know many of my friends are really really lucky with nails but unfortunately I am not and have to really take care of it. When I was small no matter what I did/do to keep my nails healthy and strong nothing would work. Most say its diet or stress but trust me I had no stress and my mom took care of my diet which means I was good on my diet.

One day I was just speaking to a friend about how beautiful her nails are no matter what I do I cant grow them as they are soft and keeps peeling once they reach a certain length which means I never had long nails. But from the last 4 – 5 years I can say I have long nails and also they do not peel. She introduced me to a miracle product ‘NAIL TEK II’ I am not sure how many of you must have heard about this product but trust me you need to get your hands on this magical potion and it will change how your nails look. (Though its an amazing product but you need to keep using it if your problem of soft peeling nails comes back). They do have many other nail treatment products for different nail issues.

Along with this I also notice that a proper way of filing them is also important so there’s not much stress on the nail bed – lately I was doing some research and realized that how important it is to keep the nails from not stressing while you file them and the answer to that is a Crystal or Glass nail Filer. It not only is the best but it also does not have excess fallout, keeps the nail surface smooth and also doesn’t splinter the nail like a wood or steel nail file would do.

I am so in love with these products. If you are looking for the ‘Nail Tek’ products in Dubai you can find it in any salons or online on As for the glass nail filer in Debenhams as I know OPI has them or again online.

If you have used these same products do let me know your thoughts.

Till next time – Take care Ladies 😉

Love NJ

nail fav

PS. Because my nails grow now I am crazy on NAIL ART “giggles”


December Favorites


Happy New Year 2014 to all my readers.

I am doing my 2nd post of my favorite products of the month.

December was a little calm for me didnt really experiment much I guess even I wanted a break (maybe not) LOLz cause I still have my favorite products for the month of December to share 😉

So the 1st product is

1) Koleston hair colour – I have been colouring my hair for about 2 years now and I prefer doing it at home as I really dont trust much salons in hair colouring as they keep adding stuffs to the hair and it gets dry and brittle. Its not like I haven’t coloured or highlighted my hair in the salon I have done full head highlights , crown highlights and colouring my bangs but then I realized that my hair started to break alot. Koleston is a product I have been using for about 2 years now and I really love it, it doesnt make my hair dry or brittle. The best part about this is its in a foam style. You can use it as if you are shampooing your hair. You got to leave it for 40 mins – 50 mins depending on how deep you want the colour to be  (but do not keep the colour for more then 50 mins as it can damage the hair, read the instructions if you are not sure). One thing you will notice that after the application you might not find or find a very little difference in the colour but not to worry as after each wash the colour enhances and gets more prominent which is what I love about it. I use the colour 7/0 medium blonde.

medium blonde koleston 7/0

2) Ceramic Blow drying hair brushes – I have heard alot about these brushes but didnt use them till now. I had also got one with my makeup kit but still didnt bother to use it till recently. After using it I was like ‘why havent I used this amazing brush before’ It makes hair drying and styling super smooth and easy and doesnt break a lot of hair during the process. I know giving alot of heat to your hair is harmful but then you have heat protection spray/serum to help them from damage. It gives an amazing natural bounce and curl to the hair. I have a fat and a thin brush. Fat helps to create nice bounce and waves to the hair and the thin helps to style your bangs. You can also use the thin brush to curl a small part of you hair. (By picking a small part of your hair from the side of your ears and curling it if you plan to do a updo)

Hair Brushes Ceramic

3) MAC Studio Fix Foundation and Powder foundation (Compact Powder)- I started to use MAC cosmetics in 2011 and since then no looking back. I love how it create an even canvas to the face. It is a full coverage foundation and the compact is semi coverage. If I need a more sophisticated look I use both the foundation and then compact to set the look and if I need just a simple everyday look I just use the compact powder (it doesn’t covers all the blemishes and dark circles but lightens it to an extent, but if you want you can conceal your blemishes and dark circles and then set it with the powder). I am a NC 42 in foundation and NC43.5 in the compact powder.

mac studio fix powder 43.5MAC Studio Fix nc42











And last but not the least

4) Sleek 3 in 1 Blush in Pumpkin – I am in love with the blush palette as it has 3 colours Orange, Red and Pink. It is travel friendly and you dont have to think to carry individual blushes as these colours can go on everything just mix and match. They are so pigmented that you have to be careful when you apply as you can end up having a lot of the product on your face. This product is so amazing that it speaks for itself.

sleek pumpkinThat’s all for my December favs.

Till next time ..stay safe and blessed

Happy New Year Once again

😉 NJ

PS all the pictures are from google.

November Favorites

November Fav

November Fav

As you must have all read in my last months post that I will be starting a new post which I will be updating my monthly favorites so here is my 1st post for the Month of November.

I have 10 products which are my favorites for the month of November. I am sure out of these I will be repeating few products again and again (LOL).

Brows – We all know how essential it is for our eyebrows to look tamed and sometimes we do need to fill in some gaps and give it a clear crispy look. I use the E.L.F eyebrow kit in Dark. It has a wax and a powder after sketching the outline and filling in with the wax we can set it with the powder so it remains intact the whole day without needing to retouch it and avoid it from smudging.

Eyeshadow Palette – Urban Decay’s Naked one palette. If you are more of a fan of natural tone eyeshadow’s I would say this is the best as it has Golds, coopers, pinks, browns and grey. It will really accentuate the eye and its perfect for any Indian skin tone and occasion as we do love playing with Golds and Coopers 🙂

Eyeliner – All time favorite Inglot gel liner in Black number 77.  I haven’t seen anything as black as this gel liner I call it JET BLACK. Other best thing about this product is waterproof.

Concealer – I do have really dark under eye circles and if I don’t do any makeup I do have to at least conceal them. I use MAC orange studio finish corrector to counterbalance the deep bluish hues and after buffing it well I use the MAC Select cover – up in NW 35. I prefer the concealer to be same colour as our skin tone and not too dark or too light just to give it a natural look. As too dark can make it look as if we had a bruise and too light can make the under eye look to greyish or ashy.

BB cream – I have tried so many BB creams (samples) from MAC to Garnier to Body shop but couldn’t find the right colour as most of them are pink undertone and I have a wheatish complexion I need a yellow or orange undertone for it to look more natural. Some BB creams can be really oily as its a mixture of moisturizer and SPF. But finally I found a really nice BBcream which suites my tone (I am a NC42-NC43) and its’ not that oily too. Ponds Age miracle in Beige (They have a Pond white BB cream too if you are not looking for an anti aging product). First when you apply it you might feel it a little light but it takes few minutes to settle down and once settled it matches your skin tone.

Ben Nye Banana Powder – I really love the texture of this powder you can either use it to set your makeup or just set your concealer (can be used on your T-Zone also) this can be used as a highlighter too. I remember reading an article in which they mentioned that Kim Kardashian uses this as a highlighter under her eyes.

Blush – Tarte Amazonian clay blush in Flush is my absolute favorite and I find my self using this product every time. I just love how the colour looks. If you need a little OOMPH to your checks rather a rosy fresh look (Its not rosy tho its a pinkish purplish colour) this blush is the best. It is perfect for Winter and Summer.

Highlighter – If you require a little more glow and want to make your face look fresh NYX Illuminating bronzer in Narcissistic is the best. If you have been checking my pictures on my Facebook page you would have noticed that I use only this highlighter.

Last but not the least Lipstick – I am not a fan of lip glosses since college days I only use lipsticks and my 1st ever MAC lipstick was my 1st BOLD PINK lipstick in MAC Girl About Town. Pink never used to suit me until I found the perfect Pink and trust me I haven’t seen such a beautiful pink ever. I might be more attached to it as it was my 1st lipstick that I bought with my own money ❤

That’s all folks till next time

❤ NJ

DIY Matte Top Coat


Hello Sweeties

How many of us Loves DIY’s – I know I do and especially when the result is just WOW.

I was looking for a nice Matte Top coat from a very long time and when I went to the states I had found a cheaper option which is NYC Matte Top coat (found it in Target for $.99 on sale), but didnt really like the result of it as it was semi – matte or  velvety. So my search continued. I googled alot finding reviews and swatches of different brands Matte top coat and then I came across many articles on DIY your own Matte Top coat, at 1st when I read it I was like ok I dont think it will give the result I am looking for but lets give it a try.

As mentioned what needs to be done – I did the following

I took a normal top coat (best is less expensive if you want to have a trial) and mixed it with a little amount of cornstarch, yes you heard me right cornstarch  – HAHA (you can also try it with baking soda instead of cornstarch). After mixing about 1 and half tsp properly into the bottle its ready to use as a Matte Top Coat (Its best you empty 25% of the clear coat before adding the cornstarch so it doesn’t spills) . When I tried it on I was LIKE WOOOW AMAZING, It was just the perfect kind of result I was looking for and I had to share this with you all.

I am posting one picture with the DIY cornstarch matte top coat (My left hand)  and the other with my NYC matte top coat (My right hand) you will definitely see the difference (Oh and I tried to shape my nails in the Almond shape as its the most happening nail shape now days, but they are small the perfect shape wasn’t attained but once it grows I am sure it will look HOT)

Left Hand

Left Hand

Right hand

Right hand

How did you find this DIY let me know.

Till next time

❤ NJ

Two things I can not live without


Hello Ladies.

I am going to share with you the two products I can not live without and I am sure you have already heard about this on many makeup sites, blogs or have their own personal view. But I am sure you all with agree with me on the same.

The Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion and Benefits POREfessional Primer.

It goes without saying that applying makeup in the UAE summer will either crease your makeup or will make it look oily or patchy and to combat this we have two Savior’s.  The UD Eye Primer helps your eyeshadow from creasing and helps it to stay fresh and crisp that can survive the normal sun or a person who is a party animal.  I know that sometimes the primer gets dried and we think that the product is over… but to your surprise you will be amazed of how much product can you still get inside that small primer genie bottle.. I had posted a post on the same have a look here.  I have also used the Too Face Eye Primer but did not find the same result as this, I am sure I am going to stick with this permanently.

I have recently started using the POREfessional and just fell in love it with, it has a very nice powder fragrance and when applied it turns soft and matte. I used to have alot of issues with my concealer creasing and really didnt know what to do about it, as I had tried all techniques. The concealer wont settle well on my smile lines and it would make me look OLD yeh OLD coz it would look like I have lots of wrinkles under my eye. But the POREfessional was a savior, it helped me to have my concealer perfectly blend well into my smile lines and didnt crease at all and my makeup was intact and fresh as if I has just applied it. This is mainly for people with large pore’s but I feel its a multitasker- Mattifies the skin, can be also used  on the T-zone if you want, does not crease the makeup and allows it to remain fresh. I am sure it has more uses then I have mentioned here.

Both these products have become a part of my everyday routine and I really love them.

What are your thoughts?

Are you also a satisfied customer?

These both products can be found in Dubai’s Sephora locations in Deira City Center, Dubal Mall Etc

ud-eyeshadow-potion proe



Till next time

Cheers NJ ❤