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Switch Between Eye Shadows (DIY)


I know its been so long I haven’t posted anything, but recently while browsing I found this amazing technique which will help us Switch between eye shadows. So I am posting my 1st small video tutorial on the same

Some of us has that one particular brush we use for the entire look, most of the times we clean the shadow with the tissue paper or a wet cloth and wait for it to dry so we can move on to the next colour. I know how important it is to switch between eye shadows while doing a smoking or transitioning between colours.

Being a Makeup Artist for me this is like the best thing as it saves so much time – like for example we use a pencil brush to smoke out below the water line with one colour and need to switch to another colour for a soft transition using the same brush.

So here it is a simple affordable technique – I am sure everyone would be having a donut bun at home if not you can purchase it from any hair accessories or apparel shop I know H&M has it.

All you have to do is wiggle the brush on the donut and voila you have a clean brush to switch to another colour.

Here is a small tutorial that will make it easy to understand – Switch between eyeshadows  ( if you see I am using a different product – but basically its the same material as the donut bun (main thing is that material). Cleaning is also easy soak it in soap water for few minutes and dry)

Let me know what did you think about it? if you use this technique do tag me 🙂

PS – do use a fresh new donut and not the same you use for hairstyling LOL just making it clear 😉

Till next time

♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ NJ

PS – credits given to – pursebuzz on youtube.


DIY Matte Top Coat


Hello Sweeties

How many of us Loves DIY’s – I know I do and especially when the result is just WOW.

I was looking for a nice Matte Top coat from a very long time and when I went to the states I had found a cheaper option which is NYC Matte Top coat (found it in Target for $.99 on sale), but didnt really like the result of it as it was semi – matte or  velvety. So my search continued. I googled alot finding reviews and swatches of different brands Matte top coat and then I came across many articles on DIY your own Matte Top coat, at 1st when I read it I was like ok I dont think it will give the result I am looking for but lets give it a try.

As mentioned what needs to be done – I did the following

I took a normal top coat (best is less expensive if you want to have a trial) and mixed it with a little amount of cornstarch, yes you heard me right cornstarch  – HAHA (you can also try it with baking soda instead of cornstarch). After mixing about 1 and half tsp properly into the bottle its ready to use as a Matte Top Coat (Its best you empty 25% of the clear coat before adding the cornstarch so it doesn’t spills) . When I tried it on I was LIKE WOOOW AMAZING, It was just the perfect kind of result I was looking for and I had to share this with you all.

I am posting one picture with the DIY cornstarch matte top coat (My left hand)  and the other with my NYC matte top coat (My right hand) you will definitely see the difference (Oh and I tried to shape my nails in the Almond shape as its the most happening nail shape now days, but they are small the perfect shape wasn’t attained but once it grows I am sure it will look HOT)

Left Hand

Left Hand

Right hand

Right hand

How did you find this DIY let me know.

Till next time

❤ NJ

Transfer Urban Decay Primer Potion into a Small Jar


Hello Ladies.

I am sure many of us are really happy to see that we have almost reached the end of a product or when the product is over.

But you are going see something that will really surprise you.

I was baking cake pops yesterday and was melting some chocolate on the stove top and suddenly I got an idea that my primer potion is empty but let me try and see if the product inside melts and if it does how much is still left – I dont really have much to lose even if nothing works. I really had no clue what I am going to see.

So today I took a small vessel just filled 1/4 water in it and boiled it for sometime, then I put an oven proof bowl on top of that vessel with little water in that bowl too (the bottom of the bowl should completely cover the vessel so no steam can pass from it) while the gas still on I put my UD Primer bottle in the bowl (before placing the bottle you will have to remove the rubber stopper from the bottle and then close it [picture below])  and waited for 5 mins. I opened the bottled and saw the product had melted and I began tapping it into the small jar and I was surprised to see that the entire jar was filled…OMG this can last me at least for a month or so depending on my usage.

Which means I have saved few bucks for a month or two and I still have so much primer I can use.

Have you tried this technique with your primer or any other product do share with me.

I hope I was able to help you save few bucks with this technique.

Till next time .. Sayonara ladies…UD Primer Potion

❤ NJ

DIY BB Cream


Welcome Back My Beauties,

Today I will be telling you what exactly is a BB Cream and why is everyone talking about it so much now days and how to make it yourself at home.

BB Cream – Blemish Base or Blemish Balm, basically can be used as a base before you apply your make up, now you will ask why BB cream when we have a face primer… A BB cream is basically all in 1 foundation + primer + moisturizer and to add to it a sun screen + anti wrinkle cream + illuminating cream and is more light weighted than the foundation. You can call this a 6 in 1 cream which will helps you in all ways and in few weeks you can notice a difference on your skin too.

Even though the foundation has more coverage most of them wont have the above ingredients in it. Sometimes few us feel that you dont want to go for a very heavy look and want it to be light and natural you can use a BB cream. But if you still want more coverage after applying the BB cream you can apply a little of your regular foundation.

All you have to do is first conceal (if you still want to cover up few areas) and then apply the bb cream on top, if you want it to be more matte you can use a press powder to set it to have a more natural look and then blush and end it with your favorite lipgloss for a more perfect natural looking you.

So lets get started as how you can create 1 on you self at home.

Items you will need

  • Sun screen lotion (depending on how heavy you want the SPF to be, I have taken SPF 30)
  • Light Moisturizer or Anti Wrinkle Cream (Depending on your skin type Oil free or your regular moisturizer, I have used Olay anti wrinkle cream)
  • Foundation
  • Primer
  • Illuminating cream (optional)
  • A small container and a mixing tool

Take the small container and mix the above as follows

  • Sun screen lotion – 3-4 drops (pea size)
  • Light Moisturizer or Anti Wrinkle Cream 2-3 (pea size)
  • Foundation 2 drops (pea size)
  • illuminating cream 2 drops
  • Primer 1 drop (pea size)

And Here you have your very own BB cream.

The reason I wanted to create it at home was to get the exact colour of my skin than to invest on BB creams which would either look very light or dark on me

So let me know your thoughts if you have created this at home… Below are the pics I posted – click on each pic I have given a small description to them

Till next time … lots of Love ….XXX



DIY Mattifying Powder


Hello All My Special Makeup Crazy Girls

Today I have got something different which I personally feel all the girls should carry. ‘This’ product is very essential for many reasons and specifically for the main purpose that I will be showing you today this needs to be in your purses as we have officially entered Summer 2012 – Dubai … LOL

This product that I am talking about is A Mattifying Powder which helps reduces the oily or the melted makeup look for summer or humid climate. Most of you must have noticed that after applying all possible primers, Sun Screen etc your makeup still melts and in no time you look really oily in this case you tend to look sick too and at-least for me I have heard many asking me If i was alright as I look sick and this really did embarrass me as its my makeup which just MELTED :$

As I was very concern about it Thanks to another blogger who helped me when I had asked her a question on this she gave me 2 options 1 is the Urban Decay’s All Nighters spray and the other was a De Slick Mattifying Powder also from Urban Decay. I rang Sephora in Dubai and asked them the prices (which I obviosuly knew it would be expensive as I was running on a budget which I created for myself to stop spending so much). The All Nighter’s spray was 127 Dhs and the Powder was 124 Dhs.

So Last night I googled and saw what exactly were in this product that can help Mattify the oily face and to my shock I came to know it was RICE POWDER, imagine how many of us eat rice on a daily basis and we actually did not know what all RICE as a cosmetic could do, its a good whiting face mask also if you didnt know that …

So than I decided I can make this at home and I started to gather all my things

You will need

  • Rice
  • Grinder
  • A net strainer or even a tea strainer will do

How to do

  • Soak the rice for some time and then drain the water and allow it to dry in the sun for 1-2 hours.
  • Once dried put it in a grinder and grind it till it become like a powder (you will still have small pcs which wont grind further)
  • Then take a plan paper and put the rice powder from the grinder into the strainer and shake it till you get only the soft powder
  • Repeat the above step at-least 2-3 time and then put it into a container which you can carry and the pwoder wont fall
  • Done you have your very own Matt Powder ready

So now finally we have our very own solution to get rid of oily skin, just pat on your face when you feel that your skin is getting oily and you do not need to worry about your melting makeup again.



  1. Cheap and rice can be found at home easily.


  1. Could be time consuming
  2. You might not get the exact texture you are looking for

Do not worry I have another Solution …

You can go to any Mill Next to your home as ask them for rice powder 100g or 50g as per your need, bring it home and put it in an empty container and WOOHOO you have your easy 2 min Matt Powder ready (same like Maggi Noodles LOL 😉 )

Let me know your thoughts about this post, till next time Enjoy this Summer with a sexy glowing skin and no melting makeup 🙂

Love Nainz


DIY Lip Scrub


Hello My Beauties

I am back but with something different today, Just noticed due to the heat this Summer in Dubai my lips have chapped and they look horrible. When I wear a nice lip shade my chapped lips make it look horrible.

So I decided I need to get a lip scrub, I went to Body shop and asked the lady for a lip scrub she showed me a minty flavored lip scrub I liked it and was planning to pick it up then I asked how much she was like Dhs 45……with a big pause I thought to myself I dont think I really want to spend my 45 bucks on this which I might use just 2-3 times and not much.

Then finally I came home and went into my kitchen to drink some water when my eyes caught few products which is used in our everyday life, and I started to mentally mix some ingredients in my mind and felt – I think I have it 🙂

So I gathers my products

  • Vaseline
  • Salt
  • Sugar (White or Brown)
  • Small empty container (I got mine from Lush when I had asked for a free sample 😉 )

Depending on how much quantity you need – just mix all together and VOILA you have your own lip scrub, this would just cost you from Dhs 5-10.

After you use this scrub do not forget to put your regular Lip balm or Vaseline

Result – smooth and sexy lips (ready to be kissed) 😉

Let me know if you have tried a different lip scrub type.

Till next time – Happy Kissing 🙂