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Hits (Primers)


Today I will be talking about Primers – Eye and Face.

Many ask me this question if its important to have an additional product in your makeup routine. My answer is yes because it helps your makeup to last long and fresh.

How many of you have had issues with your foundation oxidizing and eyeshadow creasing. But with the use of a primer your eyeshadow wont crease and your natural oils will be at bay which will also not oxidize your foundation.

My favorite eye and face primer is the same as its been always. I had also mentioned it in my Two things I cant live without.

Its Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer and Benefits POREfessional face primer. porefessionalud-eyeshadow-potion

The POREfessional primer – helps to reduce the appearance of pores and mattifies the skin. It gives a clean canvas for you to work on.

And the Urban Decay Eye primer – This primer keeps your eye shadow crease-free while making color more vibrant and providing a smoother application.

Have you tried any primers? Do you have a favorite?

Do you have any other questions with regards to primers, let me know.




DIY Mattifying Powder


Hello All My Special Makeup Crazy Girls

Today I have got something different which I personally feel all the girls should carry. ‘This’ product is very essential for many reasons and specifically for the main purpose that I will be showing you today this needs to be in your purses as we have officially entered Summer 2012 – Dubai … LOL

This product that I am talking about is A Mattifying Powder which helps reduces the oily or the melted makeup look for summer or humid climate. Most of you must have noticed that after applying all possible primers, Sun Screen etc your makeup still melts and in no time you look really oily in this case you tend to look sick too and at-least for me I have heard many asking me If i was alright as I look sick and this really did embarrass me as its my makeup which just MELTED :$

As I was very concern about it Thanks to another blogger who helped me when I had asked her a question on this she gave me 2 options 1 is the Urban Decay’s All Nighters spray and the other was a De Slick Mattifying Powder also from Urban Decay. I rang Sephora in Dubai and asked them the prices (which I obviosuly knew it would be expensive as I was running on a budget which I created for myself to stop spending so much). The All Nighter’s spray was 127 Dhs and the Powder was 124 Dhs.

So Last night I googled and saw what exactly were in this product that can help Mattify the oily face and to my shock I came to know it was RICE POWDER, imagine how many of us eat rice on a daily basis and we actually did not know what all RICE as a cosmetic could do, its a good whiting face mask also if you didnt know that …

So than I decided I can make this at home and I started to gather all my things

You will need

  • Rice
  • Grinder
  • A net strainer or even a tea strainer will do

How to do

  • Soak the rice for some time and then drain the water and allow it to dry in the sun for 1-2 hours.
  • Once dried put it in a grinder and grind it till it become like a powder (you will still have small pcs which wont grind further)
  • Then take a plan paper and put the rice powder from the grinder into the strainer and shake it till you get only the soft powder
  • Repeat the above step at-least 2-3 time and then put it into a container which you can carry and the pwoder wont fall
  • Done you have your very own Matt Powder ready

So now finally we have our very own solution to get rid of oily skin, just pat on your face when you feel that your skin is getting oily and you do not need to worry about your melting makeup again.



  1. Cheap and rice can be found at home easily.


  1. Could be time consuming
  2. You might not get the exact texture you are looking for

Do not worry I have another Solution …

You can go to any Mill Next to your home as ask them for rice powder 100g or 50g as per your need, bring it home and put it in an empty container and WOOHOO you have your easy 2 min Matt Powder ready (same like Maggi Noodles LOL 😉 )

Let me know your thoughts about this post, till next time Enjoy this Summer with a sexy glowing skin and no melting makeup 🙂

Love Nainz