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Hello My Gurlies.

So as mentioned in my Facebook page that many girls are ready to enter into their new life ‘ Marriage ‘ and after Marriage the most beautiful vacation to look forward to and never forget is your HONEYMOON. And everyone wants to look their best in their honeymoon.

I will be giving you some tips on what are the essentials you need to carry and how to look glowing with just minimal makeup.

Before you start your check list of the item you want to carry, make sure your aware of what kind the climate it is at that time of the year – say for Example – Humid, Cold, Hot, Dry. Coz based on this you will either have to carry extra or less items.

Items for Cold Climate

  • Moisturizer for face and body
  • Lip Balm

Items for Hot Climate

  • Sun Screen
  • Lip Balm
  • Moisturizer for face and body (for dry skin)
  • Water proof mascara

Now coming to the Makeup we need the most essential things and also to be light weight at the same time

  • Foundation (if you need full coverage or else a BB or CC cream can help)
  • Concealer (Very Imp)
  • Compact powder (for setting the foundation and concealer)
  • Blush (Natural or Coral)
  • Bronzer (optional)
  • Highlighter (optional)
  • Natural or Neutral colours ( If you wish to mix and match with your clothes pic a colour which can go with all)
  • Lipstick (Bold for the wild Party Night and Natural colours for Morning)
  • Kajal or kohl (Can be used as an eyeliner also)
  • Eyeliner (liquid or Gel)

The Final Natural Morning Look, but if you want to make it more dramatic you can apply a Red or Dark Pink Lipstick which can be best for a night look.

Natural Makeup

Hope you know what are the essentials you require to carry with you.

Enjoy Stay Safe, Happy Honeymooning ❤ 🙂


About NJ Divalicious

Well Took a while to figure it out as this is the first time I am ever blogging, but here it is... A normal girl staying in Sharjah since birth saw the growth n fall and again the pick up of Dubai..During my schooling just realized that I can do something with paints and brushes which we call 'ART' :)..So from there my journey started Wall paintings, fabric painting, small glass paintings, Heena designing, Makeup and now NAIL ART.. But not to forget am a Recruiter which is my everyday money making field and the rest is just my hobby ;) So here it is a sums me up.. Welcome to my site and learn few of my Arts..Cheers..!!!

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  1. This is great Naina… and very helpful too. Just have a quick question…. Generally we tend to get quite tanned on a honeymoon due to lots of sightseeing and exposure to sun.. What should we change in our make-up to suit this tan and still look fresh???

    • Hi Carina,

      Its very imp to carry an SPF with you, I know it can be very oily for the skin but make sure you atleast have an SPF in you foundation or BB cream or face moisturizer. Also try protecting yourself with a Hat or Scarf.
      To look fresh BB creams are really nice as they give you a natural coverage but minimal coverage along with the SPF protection. But if you need more coverage you can mix a little SPF with your foundation or wear a moisturizing cream which has SPF before you apply any makeup.

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