DIY BB Cream


Welcome Back My Beauties,

Today I will be telling you what exactly is a BB Cream and why is everyone talking about it so much now days and how to make it yourself at home.

BB Cream – Blemish Base or Blemish Balm, basically can be used as a base before you apply your make up, now you will ask why BB cream when we have a face primer… A BB cream is basically all in 1 foundation + primer + moisturizer and to add to it a sun screen + anti wrinkle cream + illuminating cream and is more light weighted than the foundation. You can call this a 6 in 1 cream which will helps you in all ways and in few weeks you can notice a difference on your skin too.

Even though the foundation has more coverage most of them wont have the above ingredients in it. Sometimes few us feel that you dont want to go for a very heavy look and want it to be light and natural you can use a BB cream. But if you still want more coverage after applying the BB cream you can apply a little of your regular foundation.

All you have to do is first conceal (if you still want to cover up few areas) and then apply the bb cream on top, if you want it to be more matte you can use a press powder to set it to have a more natural look and then blush and end it with your favorite lipgloss for a more perfect natural looking you.

So lets get started as how you can create 1 on you self at home.

Items you will need

  • Sun screen lotion (depending on how heavy you want the SPF to be, I have taken SPF 30)
  • Light Moisturizer or Anti Wrinkle Cream (Depending on your skin type Oil free or your regular moisturizer, I have used Olay anti wrinkle cream)
  • Foundation
  • Primer
  • Illuminating cream (optional)
  • A small container and a mixing tool

Take the small container and mix the above as follows

  • Sun screen lotion – 3-4 drops (pea size)
  • Light Moisturizer or Anti Wrinkle Cream 2-3 (pea size)
  • Foundation 2 drops (pea size)
  • illuminating cream 2 drops
  • Primer 1 drop (pea size)

And Here you have your very own BB cream.

The reason I wanted to create it at home was to get the exact colour of my skin than to invest on BB creams which would either look very light or dark on me

So let me know your thoughts if you have created this at home… Below are the pics I posted – click on each pic I have given a small description to them

Till next time … lots of Love ….XXX




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