Caviar Nail Art


Hello My Trendy Girls

I personally feel that there is no particular time, season or year for art, it just comes to you like a sweet feeling.

Today I bring to you Caviar Nail Art, which I am sure most of you know and for the few who do not know you will just love it when you see what it is.

One will think Caviar means fish eggs, but this is just a name as the product used to create this nail art look is more or less the same as a fish egg :), shocked haha come let me show you what it is exactly.

I have put some pictures and step by step tutorial of how we can create this beautiful nail art at home.

PS -These are not my pictures have found lovely ones from the internet (my nails broke and just dont look great to post them up this time)

So let the fun began this Summer or Monsoon where ever you are 😉

Do not forget to leave in your comments

Cheers Love Nainz


About NJ Divalicious

Well Took a while to figure it out as this is the first time I am ever blogging, but here it is... A normal girl staying in Sharjah since birth saw the growth n fall and again the pick up of Dubai..During my schooling just realized that I can do something with paints and brushes which we call 'ART' :)..So from there my journey started Wall paintings, fabric painting, small glass paintings, Heena designing, Makeup and now NAIL ART.. But not to forget am a Recruiter which is my everyday money making field and the rest is just my hobby ;) So here it is a sums me up.. Welcome to my site and learn few of my Arts..Cheers..!!!

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