NYX Pigment Review


Hi Friends

Today I will be giving you my feedback on Nyx pigment eye shadows which I recently bought.

Before the review I would like to tell you what pigments are , they are actually a powder form of eye shadow with a very intense colour than normal eye shadows.

I normally love using this as its very easy to blend different eye shadows and its an easy application, few might find it difficult in the 1st due to a lot of fallouts but once you get used to it you will love it

You can use this in 2 ways

  • As it is the powder form
  • Mix It with a mixing agent (will write it in another article)

Pictures are attached below

The bottle size is below very good quantity for the price of AED 26 in sale (without sale its AED 36)

The below is direct from the bottle and see how dark the pigment is with just 1 stroke

The below is when u smudge it

My Final Verdict – 5/5  I love the product so much that I might go pick up more colours, you can find this product in any Lifestyle stores in City Center Sharjah, Sahara center Sharjah 🙂 🙂

IF you have used it let me know your feedback 🙂 😉 cheers till next time


About NJ Divalicious

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