Changing the style of French Manicure


I am back again 🙂

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if we funk up the the French Manicure leaving behind the traditional style.

Well I have tried to do it and look how it looks, I believe it just doesnt look that bad what are your thoughts..

Items needed for this look

  1. Base coat
  2. Light blue Nail polish I used Bourjois Bleu Model which I had also blogged last year on the same
  3. Dark Blue Nail polish – I used Essence Let’s get lost
  4. And last the top coat so your nail polish is protected and says for long.

So here we have a new look to our funky Manicure !!

You can use other colours also to create this look :D, share it with me if you have tried it!

Adios for now, cya back soon ❤

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About NJ Divalicious

Well Took a while to figure it out as this is the first time I am ever blogging, but here it is... A normal girl staying in Sharjah since birth saw the growth n fall and again the pick up of Dubai..During my schooling just realized that I can do something with paints and brushes which we call 'ART' :)..So from there my journey started Wall paintings, fabric painting, small glass paintings, Heena designing, Makeup and now NAIL ART.. But not to forget am a Recruiter which is my everyday money making field and the rest is just my hobby ;) So here it is a sums me up.. Welcome to my site and learn few of my Arts..Cheers..!!!

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