The Body Needs


Hi All…

I know its been long that I have blogged anything new was very busy with work, but no worries I have something great for you all. I was just browsing the net one boring hot afternoon and I came across a very nice website The Body Needs which allows you to buy Samples of MAC product and few other makeup products you like just between $1 – $4 and it ships to UAE also for a flat ground rate of $5.95.

Why simply waste money and then not like the after effect of the makeup, when you can buy small samples of it try it, pass it on, review it your self and when you are totally satisfied buy the main product from the market!

I have also given an order and waiting for it to arrive, once I have them I will click pics and have a small review on how the products are.

So till then if anything excites you on the website you can go ahead and buy it..

Happy e-Shopping my makeup lovers 🙂


About NJ Divalicious

Well Took a while to figure it out as this is the first time I am ever blogging, but here it is... A normal girl staying in Sharjah since birth saw the growth n fall and again the pick up of Dubai..During my schooling just realized that I can do something with paints and brushes which we call 'ART' :)..So from there my journey started Wall paintings, fabric painting, small glass paintings, Heena designing, Makeup and now NAIL ART.. But not to forget am a Recruiter which is my everyday money making field and the rest is just my hobby ;) So here it is a sums me up.. Welcome to my site and learn few of my Arts..Cheers..!!!

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